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Megaman Battle Network Battle Chip Hard Enamel Pin

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Create and wear your own custom MMBN Battle Chip with this one of a kind pin! Each order comes with one blank battle chip in and a set of stickers depending on which "library" you choose

Fldr 1 - Includes Roll, Bass, Protoman, and VarSwrd

Fldr 2- Includes Megaman StarForce, Django from Boktai, Z-Saber, and Final Gun

Fldr 3 - Includes both of the sticker packs from Fldr 1 and Fldr 2

Add any sticker to your battle chip and customize your pin!

Additional "Battle Chip" pins can be purchased (see additional options) without stickers so you can collect and wear all 4!

Measures 1.5" tall

Nickel (mirror like) with Gold plated accents

Nickel butterfly clutch or Black Rubber depending on stock